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1 sleeping pills are addictive and possibly linked to Alzheimer's ?? has anyone heard about this?

sleeping pills are addictive and possibly linked to Alzheimer's ?? has anyone heard about this?

Posted by Vincent D on December 29, 2013

2 sleep study showed

sleep study showed

Added by R.M. Alexander on August 23, 2014

3 Breathe with Me

Breathe with Me

Added by Xiola Jane on August 22, 2014



Posted by Lauren Nicole on February 10, 2014

5 awake


Added by Vincent D on August 28, 2014

6 The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??

The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??

Added by Xiola Jane on August 22, 2014

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To write

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Xiola part one :-)

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Featured Writer and Blogger Xiola Jane

Breathe with Me

I am very much a product of contemporary culture. I’ve never been a part of a large group of friends, rather my circle of friends has always remained small and intimate. Part of this I feel is that I’m either all in or all out. I find it exhausting, and hugely draining and depressing, to maintain relationships without a strong sense of depth. The thought of having to maintain a large number of relationships without losing a sense of authenticity makes my head spin. I am not sure this is very…

the gift

i claim i am honest, avoiding lies like an unrecoverable plague. afraid of the mangling confusion bathed in an anxious chemistry untruths wreak upon my head. i walk through my days avoiding the lure of the slightest untruth like a battlefield of unchecked landmines. but we all lie, don't we. we excuse our little white lies with justifications of protections. but when did the truth become so harmful? struggling to meet our own expectations strapped on like armor against our own inadequacies…

taking the piss

I am so angry with the state of politics right now I could scream. In fact, I have screamed. I am, at the same time, so thankful for the existence of art that functions to subvert that which serves to control.


Guest Blog from Writer Sam O'Prey

Minute Media Society : so quick go judge

I am reciting this news story with both some happiness that the truth has started to come out and a bitter taste in my mouth for the fact it had to come out after a minute media witch hunt.

The Story

This is the story of the so called disappearance of Ashya King from Southampton General Hospital, England on Thursday the 28th of August 2014 that sparked an international search for the boy and his family.

Ashya is a 5 year old boy who has a…

To blog or not to blog is that the question?

My very first blog for insomnia life as a guest blogger, what will I blog about? Who knows?

To blog or not to blog is that the question?

I don’t know but as this is a new role I am fulfilling I am looking to set a standard for myself as a writer and blogger and establish a rhythm for my content and delivery thereof.

A tiny bit about me and then let’s move on. I am a sales and marketing manager in a metrology company by day. I am an avid online marketer by trade. As well…

Robin's Featured Blog

The ugliest feeling

Is waking something that's been numb for so long

Like when your leg falls asleep, but you don't notice
Until you feel the blood and nerves at war
Half numb, half burning pins & needles
It hurts, but you can't move it
Those few minutes feel like hours
When it's finally over, this barely noticeable tingle
Still lingers, reminding you of what just happened

It's especially ugly, when it happens to your heart.


a ghost lingers in the void
even sleep isn’t safe
it finds its way into my dreams
the face i haven’t seen in years
haunting my subconscious mind
i wake to phantom heartbeats and an
inevitable ache in the space that once
burst and overflowed with love


This feeling isn't new.. but I've never been able to place it, or name it before.
It's this tangled mess of anxiety, anger, frustration, disappointment, jealousy & sadness.
It gives me this internal chill... like when you get a shiver that passes through your body..
Except this one emanates from deep, deep inside..
I feel so fucking cold inside it almost burns.

Vincent's Blog

To write

I almost forgot what it is to write

To sit and put pen to paper

The feelings you get as the words start to form before you

I had become somewhat distracted

Mislaid my mojo and my pen

Life has a habit of creeping up on you


Of covering up your dreams in a shower of shit

And if you are not careful

You forget your way and become bogged down in the mire

And you ask yourself

Am I really still a…

Xiola part one :-)

I want to walk in your shadow

And bathe in your very light

I want to rummage around in

You’re very soul tonight

To eat at your table, and,

Talk about our day

To expand my very mind

By the wonderful things you say

I dance at the very thought

Of you

And taste you on my tongue

And I feel

That when I am with you

Although my body grows older

My mind is growing young

 You listen to my…


I spend more time awake than I do asleep
Yet I love to dream
My mind ponders pointless questions
In the small hours
Looking for answers in the wrong places
Looking for some peace
I hope to find you in the mirror
I am looking for release
When did the sandman leave me
When did the dream maker move on
Did I do something unforgiven?
Did I stare too much at the sun?
Am I to blame for all that torments me?
That keeps me from my sleep
Is it something I did in my past?
Something lying…

Insomnia in the news

Newly discovered sleep circuit is key to getting enough Z's - Tech Times

Tech Times

Newly discovered sleep circuit is key to getting enough Z's
Tech Times
The new study findings and the accompanying experiments could lead to new medications for treating sleep disorders including insomnia, and the development of safer and more effective anesthetics, the researchers say. "We can now answer fundamental ...
Scientists Discover New 'Sleep Node' in the Brain
Designer genes may help treat sleep disorders
New 'sleep node' in brain discovered

Insomnia Cookies to Open in the Central West End - Riverfront Times (blog)

Insomnia Cookies to Open in the Central West End
Riverfront Times (blog)
Late-night gooey-cookie deliveries are a great business idea -- especially if you're on a college campus. The naming generally reflects that too. Mizzou's service is called Hot Box Cookies, and the newcomer Insomnia Cookies will open this fall in the ...

Insomnia Cookies to open at Five Points South - Birmingham Business Journal

Insomnia Cookies to open at Five Points South
Birmingham Business Journal
Insomnia Cookies has dozens of stores nationwide. It started out of a dorm room 11 years ago at the University of Pennsylvania, according to the store's official website. “They've got a lot of popularity,” Clements said. “You're seeing them in other ...

Online Marketing Blog from Sam O'Prey's site

Is SEO a dying art?

The death of the SEO king? Is SEO dead? Online marketing and search engine marketing have long been clouded in smoke and mystery it's also been an ever changing sandbox for us SEO guys that have had to adapt to the every change in algorithms from Google. The basic premise of SEO is the need to change with technology. SEO is to me very much like hacking. Hacking in its true terms not in the terms the media and the movies, hacking in the terms of taking something reverse engineering a sit...

rethink your web marketing

The face of the web is changing. Google keeps changing the rules and quite frankly whats new when haven’t they, they say it is all for improving things for the consumers but now it is actually more focused on them making more and more money by bluring the distinction between the paid or adds and the natural rankings. And don’t get me started on the withholding of data in analytics that’s just low man. But why do we allow Google to have such a stronghold on our web marketing...

Dominate or be Dominated its Google Warfare

The world is changing. The earth is revolving. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at thousand miles an hour. Technology is running so fast and mankind is evolving past any rate than ever before. As I write this blog I do so on my iPad I will be uploading it to the site and publishing it all from here whilst sat on my couch watching Doctor Who with my daughter. The point is we can adapt and change with the technology around us or we can be dominated by those that do. Google is one such p...



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Taking Control of the Mind

I should sleep but

I should sleep but my subversive mind is playful with the things I could do
With the dreams I create through wakefulness
With the places I visit through mindfulness
And with the hands that bleed so help less
I look inside and ask myself why I do the destructive things I do
Is it through choice
Is it through control or the lack there of
I have no idea and yet I see it all in a way my mind can not comprehend
I can see all the answers in a vortex of noise and yet I can not translate them
Or I can but I choose not, I really have no idea where I begin
And where the programming ends
Take my pinch of salt my dear and wear it like a crown

Routes on the most proficient method to Improve Mind Mapping

The programming made for psyche mapping claims the most exhaustive instruments that could be utilized as a part of request to make a clearer and compact map, initially. These thought guide have the ability to convey various types of learning and qualified data with such expand clarity. At the same time even in this way, the adequacy of the guide relies on upon the individual who will utilize it. Here are a few courses of expanding the proficiency of your psyche mapping programming.
Improve your guide substance.
Your guide is not just intended to clear up things for you and yet for others. Some how, you need to identify your plans to other individuals in place for them to grasp what you are attempting to pass on. Using your maps for others to comprehend should require intense investigation in light of the fact that the individuals will likely have basic eyes for giving out their remarks. There are such a variety of inquiries that you are to experience. Inquiries like "Does your guide make any sense?" or "Was it composed plainly or was it simply excessively equivocal to grasp?" Judgments like these are not out of the ordinary that is the reason, it is significant that the substance of your guide is streamlined without limitations of comprehension that individuals can see right through.
Utilize one guide as your premise.
Consider it an expert guide that controls all your different maps. Importance, it is only one guide that holds the substance of the different maps that empowers conglomeration and snappy access to all the charts that you have made. This will empower you to form ventures and learning in such a route, to the point that bodes well to you and, well, to other individuals who will take a gander at it the other route around. Your customized connections of maps may as well give you a measurable jump of gainful ways.
Utilize one and only delineate one particular reason.
A thought must be reflected with the same parts of the limbs. The plans and qualified information ought to be on a solitary reason or subject. With a specific end goal to adhere to most efficiently comes about, you need to stay concentrated on the same subjects and the substance must pass on the issue to you. Don't put insignificant themes that will simply put you out of luck. When your guide gets confounded stretching out into distinctive veered ranges, recognize that you need to break the guide into little sub-maps.
Do away with unnecessary informative data and messes.
At times, architects of psyche maps escape that the final outcome doesn't bode well any more. Maps that are excessively messed are very challenging to settle and more terrible, the individual can get stayed on a thought and has no alternative of going advance or moving back. For the most part, your thoughts must be briskly keyed inside your guide. Your themes ought to be abridged articulations which are convincing enough like news features. In the event that ever you needed to include items and extra qualified information under that class, leave spaces for the purpose that you can incorporate it when that time comes.
Be steady
To escape disarray, you must be unwavering in each part of your psyche mapping. The line styles, color, screen components and even shades must take after a solitary request. Each of these components can encourage pass on additionally intending to your guide's idea if utilized within a deliberate and unwavering way.
Utilizing it indiscriminately can come about to disarray and might possibly confound the individuals who might see it.

Scruffy Punk Something Different



InsomniaLife.com has a new look and feel

Dear Fellow Insomniacs, Creative Thinkers and Philanthropists   I had a flash of inspiration today to change the look feel and direction of insomnia life and had to wait 8 hours to finish work to make it happen and then 5 hours of frustrating work as my internet kept crashing at home… oh well that aside it is here the new look and feel and now as I can’t sleep @ 4am UK time seemed a good time to let you know, that and the internet is working again If you haven’t been ...

making things grow

We live our lives somewhere between the struggle of keeping the machine going by feeding it, washing it and its associated clothing, defecating, abusing, exercising, loving and gratifying it as well as attending to our inherit spirituality and expressing that through church, weed, meditation, drink, self-development, drugs, sport or any vice that gives this machine’s spirit meaning. The real life though is there right in front of you amidst all of it is hidden in the music and laughter, ...



helpful links

Please find the link below for the National Sleep Foundations Insomnia advice site



insomnia health is a site we are building to hopefullly bring your some health products and advice



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